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Surface Shields manufactures protective floor coverings, carpet protection, dust containment supplies, adhesive tape, and other specialty products. Our installers love Surface Shields’ products because they are reliable, consistent, innovative, and high-quality.  Browse Surface Shields’ vast catalog of products to see what might be a good fit for you and your next project.

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Pictured: Builder Board Tape


Surface Shields offers a wide selection of adhesive tape products for construction and flooring applications. Surface Shields specializes in the highest quality items, tested and trusted by the construction and flooring industries. Select from all-purpose construction adhesive duct tape, PE Tape, drywall mesh tape, electrical tape, and more. Whether you need to join floor protection board together or tape off your construction area, browse their inventory of adhesive tape to find exactly what you need.


Pictured: Multi Shield All Purpose Floor Protection


Keep your floors untouched throughout the construction process with tough, high-performing floor protection products. Surface Shields is a primary source for contractors, floor installers and other jobsite professionals who need to effectively protect hard surfaces during commercial and residential projects. Surface Shields understands that the demand for unique types of floor protection only continues to increase, so we carry a variety of temporary floor protection products for any construction, remodeling and floor installation job.


Pictured: Carpet Mask FR (Flame Retardant Carpet Protection Film)


Keep new or existing carpets debris-free with carpet protection products from Surface Shields. As a leading supplier of carpet protection, they carry a variety of solutions to prevent damage to your carpets. They offer Carpet Shield®, Quick ShieldTM, Carpet Mask®, and Surface Sleds to protect carpeting during construction and remodeling projects. Professionals worldwide depend on these products for the best possible results at their jobsites


Pictured: Step N Peel - Reusable Sticky Mats


Among construction, abatement, demolition and disaster cleanup professionals, Surface Shields is the preferred source for dust containment products. As projects grow, you must stay prepared, and you also have to keep certain workspace areas dust-free. Surface Shields offers a large selection of dust containment solutions, including dust containment poles, zippers, clean mats and many other construction dust control products.



Take a look at the variety of protection products Surface Shields offers and let us know which ones you need for your next job.


If your project requires unique specialty surface protection, Surface Shields offers an extensive selection of products for protecting door jambs, windows, counters and more. Surface Shields is a trusted supplier of products for surface protection during construction, remodeling and floor installation. We offer specialty self-adhesive films you can use on the jobsite such as Marble Shield and Window Shield. Additionally, Surface Shields offers high-quality film dispensers and tape applicators