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Nestled in the hills of Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains, is StonePeak Ceramics, a company with a uniquely American character that honors the time-proven tradition of fine Italian porcelain ceramics. When they set out to craft the perfect ceramics, they knew they had to find the best possible inspiration. For this, StonePeak looked to Mother Nature. Today, they make sure that each piece of porcelain tile produced in our factory reflects the individuality and beauty of natural stone, right down to subtle differences in tone, texture and grain. Architects and designers can create with confidence using StonePeak Ceramics, knowing they can rely on products that are as beautiful as they are functional. This valuable combination of natural beauty and man-made durability is unmatched in the industry.

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All Collections

Pictured: Aura Shell

All Collections

StonePeak offers a wide variety of looks with their line of porcelain tile. Click here to view their full line and explore each collections sizes, colors, and patterns.

Stone Look Collections

Pictured: Classic Statuarietto

Stone Look Collections

StonePeak, as the name suggests, is no stranger to stone look porcelain tile. Their selection of stone looks is expansive and palatable for all kinds of spaces and designs. Browse each of StonePeak's stone look collections here and see what you might like.

Concrete Look Collections

Pictured: Stonecrete Sanded Cement

Concrete Look Collections

Cement looks are very popular these days, and StonePeak meets that trend with stunning visuals on their concrete look porcelain. Explore more here.

Marble Look Collections

Pictured: Gemma White Onyx

Marble Look Collections

Marble is a timeless look that is sure to wow in any kitchen, bathroom, living space, and beyond! StonePeak's marble looks are next level in their replication of natural stone. Enjoy browsing these collections!


All Available Downloads

Follow this link to see all of StonePeak's available downloads including catalogues, brochures, data sheets, technical information, and MSDS sheets.

Full General Catalog

To view StonePeaks current full catalog, click here.