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Racatac manufactures high quality, durable installation assets that were designed with the flooring installer in mind. We stock and carry Racatac’s rolling knee carts and their accessories. Trust us when we say these will change the way you install tile. The physical support and increased mobility and comfort assist installers with difficult and physically demanding jobs. Keep yourself on your A game with Racatac’s rolling knee cart and chest support.

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Pictured: Racatac 01RAC3 Kneeling Sitting Creeper


If your job involves lots of work on your hands and knees and leaves your joints aching by the end of the day, you’ll love the Racatac Dolly. This handy device allows you to effortlessly glide across the floor while on your knees, saving your back and joints and boosting your productivity at the same time! This ergonomic kneeling dolly features a comfortable bicycle-style seat and ergonomic kneepads that are securely attached to a heavy-duty frame outfitted with five casters. The perfectly balanced frame allows you to work with one or both knees down. This model also features a heavy-duty chest support, giving you a comfortable place to lean while you work. The Racatac features a convenient tool tray. You can set your tools on the dolly between your knees and keep them with you at all times as you roll around. The Racatac is ideal for use in any industry that requires kneeling as part of daily work, including flooring installation, joint fill and concrete repair, auto body repair, paintless dent repair (PDR), painters, fabricators, and more.



Finally have your hands on a New Racatac Dolly? If you have any questions or concerns, view the owner's manual here.