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Healthier Choice manufactures multiple memory foam cushion products that are truly unlike any other product in the industry. Their carpet cushion and underlayment is highly favored by consumers, retailers, and installers alike because the products are high quality and withstand the test of time.  Healthier Choice offers products tailored to any material, explore their cushion and underlayment collections here.

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Healthier Choice carpet cushion is the only one of its kind in the industry, and is the most advanced product available for carpet cushion. Made of 100% high density memory foam, Healthier Choice’s pad products create luxurious underfoot comfort. To add, these products are completely safe and clean for everyone in your household (kids and pets included) as well as being environmentally friendly and completely recyclable. Healthier Choice’s patented foam technology is backed by their NeverCrush Guarantee, meaning it is designed and manufactured for its quality to last the life of the product.



View all Healthier Choice Residential Pad Specification sheets here.


What makes HC Carpet pad so special? Healthier Choice products feature patented Healthier Choice Foam Technology and NeverCrush Guarantee. Click below to learn more about the company’s commitment to innovation and advancement.