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Emil Group is well known in the flooring industry for their excellence at producing tile products. Emil Group encompasses different brands of tile, each bringing their own specialty to the table. EmilCeramica is known for state-of-the-art and guaranteed quality in the best Italian tradition, and is Emil Group’s top selling brand with The Source Company. Additionally, Emil offers products from Ergon Engineered Stone. These tiles are contemporary ceramics with superlative technical features, and truly stand a cut above the rest. A third brand, Provenza, specializes in the artistic side of tiles, featuring craftsman-like skill for refined, creative interior design.

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Pictured: Tele Di Marmo - White Paradise


Emilceramica is the supreme Made in Italy brand in the ceramic coverings industry. It combines a drive to innovate with a respect for tradition, delivering a perfect blend that makes Emilceramica collections unique. Responsive to trends with an ever-present attention to detail, one of the brand's core values, a constant in the wall and floor tile offerings available. Emilceramica offers 23 porcelain stoneware collections, all of high structural quality, for public or private, outdoor or indoor locations. The colour and material combinations always denote a timeless style, an Italian elegance, and a modern design always up to date with the latest trends. As attention to detail becomes one of the main criteria for creating a design scheme, Emilceramica is the perfect Made in Italy brand, which offers a combination of floor and wall tiles to make any location unique. The brand embodies a major encounter: the coming together of design and tradition. It is continually renewed, without ever forgetting its origins.


Pictured: Cornerstone Alpen - Valser


Technical innovation applied to modern ceramics. Ergon originated in 1991 and introduced full body porcelain tiles into the Group's product range. It is now the brand with products suitable for architectural projects. Ergon offers no fewer than 15 collections for decorating homes, offices, stores, restaurants, entertainment venues and public and private locations, indoors and outdoors. The floor and wall tiles' design is undoubtedly modern and incredibly adaptable to an infinity of design schemes. Architectural projects managed with Ergon provide results with strong visual impact: the look is simple yet very well structured and detailed, modern yet also suitable for more classical design schemes. The combination between simple, sleek design and the particular character of its innovation makes Ergon porcelain stoneware a line steeped in authenticity, able to respond to the most surprising details.


Pictured: Unique Travertine Cream (Vein Cut - Floor) (Ruled - wall)


When the sophistication of wall covering materials and contemporary design meet, the result is Provenza: the brand for decorating prestige buildings, historic dwellings and homes often featured in the top international journals. The name Provenza itself embraces many of these wall and floor tiles' characteristics: the colours are very natural, but have a magical touch that creates breath-taking interiors. These wall and floor tiles can be used for many purposes: they are suitable for public or private locations, outdoors or indoors, and give personality not only to kitchens, lounges and communal areas but also to bathrooms, patios and bedrooms. The Provenza brand's design inspires emotion, conveys passion and generates a feeling of wellbeing in everyone who inhabits the space. Care is taken over every tiniest detail of the 16 collections, to give tone, class, elegance and high design values to architectural contexts. What's more, every collection allows users to create spaces of great beauty, without sacrificing technical performance, in both residential and public contexts, indoors and outdoors.



EmilCeramica offers 26 unique collections and dozens of colors. Browse their full 2023 catalog here.


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Provenza offers an artistic spin on timeless elegance in their products. Browse these 18 collections and let us know what catches your eye!