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Look through the Taylor Tools 2022 catalog and let us know which products you’re looking to use on your next job.

Taylor Tools

Taylor Tools is a trusted manufacturer of machines and tools used for flooring installation, preparation, and restoration.  They manufacture everything from floor strippers to hardwood moisture meters.  We’re sure you’ll see something in their product catalog that can help you with your next job.

Pictured: 260B.HL Hybrid Optimum Bronco

Floor Strippers

Taylor Tools produces high quality floor stripper machines and accessories with speed, power, long lasting battery charge, and cost effectiveness. Learn more by clicking below.

Pictured: Protimeter MMS2 Flooring Kit #P9800.FL.KIT

Moisture/PH Measurement

Taylor offers a variety of Protimeter meters, Delmhorst Meters, Calcium Chloride Moisture Tests, PH meters and beyond. To explore their full collection and learn about which products would make sense for your work, click below.

Surface Preparation

Prepping surfaces for new product installation is incredibly important in ensuring a smooth process of application. Installers rely on Taylor’s surface preparation line to achieve the highest standard of floor prep. Explore their full collection of vacuums, grinders, sanders, buffers, and more here.

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