Sika’s line of tile and stone installation products is full of innovative and reliable products from underlayment to adhesives and grouts. Understanding these products is key to finding what you need for your next project. Click here to view Sika’s tile and stone installation systems product guide.

Surface Preparation

Sika’s patching, Skimcoat, liquid crack isolation, liquid waterproofing, crack isolation membranes, sound control membranes, muds, and self-leveling underlayment products are specifically designed to prepare and repair surfaces so that they provide an acceptable foundation for the installation of tile and stone.


When it comes to flooring systems, Sika won’t compromise. At Sika, over 800 technology-focused employees spend months or even years developing a floor system, not stopping until they know it’s the best it can be. Sika is the largest manufacturer of high-performance, resinous flooring products in the world. After all, high-performance flooring is Sika’s specialty, and it’s made them the definitive experts in polyurethane and epoxy chemistry.

Pictured: SikaTile® -450 LHT Secure Set

Adhesives & Mortars

Sika’s full line of polymer-modified Portland cement mortars and adhesives have been formulated for a wide variety of applications such as large and heavy tile, rapid-setting installations, and more. Many SikaTile® mortars feature innovative Dustless Technology producing approximately 80% less dust than ordinary thin sets and are designed to promote cleaner working conditions and reduce mess. It uses less water and is creamier and easy to spread.

Pictured: SikaTile® -Ultima Grout

Grout Solutions

Sika offers several types of tile grouts from traditional Portland cement products, 100% solids epoxy, to ready-to-use professional-grade grouts. Complete with a vast array of today’s colors and innovations such as Dustless Technology, the grout family has emerged as one of the industry’s full line solutions for any type of grouting job.

Pictured: SikaTile® -900 Rapid Pack

Installation Accessories

Sika additives and accessories are designed to improve the performance of SikaTile products such as increased setting times, stronger bond strengths, and surface treatments.

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