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PROVA installation products offers the most popular profiles and finishes for residential and commercial building on the market. If you’re looking for floor, wall, countertop, stair, or transition/expansion profiles, PROVA can get you what you need.

Prova Products

ProVa Products manufactures a waterproofing system for maintenance-free tiled showers that is easy to install.  The products include all the components needed to build a fully bonded water tight assembly for tiled showers and the tile can be installed immediately after.  You’ll be happy knowing your shower cavities are protected against water and vapor penetration.

Pictured: Traditional Shower System

Shower Systems & Components

With PROVA Shower systems, ultimate design freedom meets fast and easy installation, making it ideal for many applications. Offering traditional shower systems, linear shower systems, curbless shower systems and various shower components, PROVA will help you envision a whole new look for your shower and bath.

Pictured: Waterproof Membrane

Waterproofing Membrane

One of PROVA’s most innovative and impressive products is their waterproofing membrane. This fast sealing, flexible, and protective waterproof membrane makes it easier than ever to preserve the quality of material used in showers, baths, or other applications in and around water.

Pictured: Prova Flex-Heat Tile Underlayment

Tile Underlayment Systems

PROVA offers 3 types of tile underlayment systems with various capabilities. These underlayment systems allow for easy protection and extends the life of tile installations. Explore all the possibilities with PROVA underlayment here.

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