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We understand that all of these NuHeat products are amazing and they each have unique qualities that make them appealing. If you need help making sense of which products to use for your application, view their product comparison sheet here.

Nvent Nuheat

NuHeat manufactures a handful of similar, but various, styles of floor heating systems from basic mesh mats, to membrane and wire systems, to custom mats. The custom heat mat option has proven to be very cost-effective and reliable for many RV manufacturers as well as retailers.  These products are for installation under tile, granite, marble, stone, laminate and engineered wood flooring to keep you warm.  They can also be installed in residential bathrooms, kitchens, living areas and entryways.  Take a look at the NuHeat website for more information about these efficient floor heat systems and please reach out to us for wholesale purchasing opportunities.

Pictured: Standard Mats

Standard Mats

Standard Mats are the thinnest heat mats and the easiest to install. They come in over 70 sizes of rectangles and squares. Because the heating wire is embedded in the Standard Mat and does not need to be configured during installation, the heat coverage is guaranteed to be consistent throughout the desired heating area.

Custom Mats

Custom NuHeat mats are made-to-measure for a perfect fit in any indoor space. These customized mats will precisely match the dimensions provided by the customer, even complex shapes and angles.

Pictured: Cable System

Cable System Mats

NuHeat Cable systems provide the most on-site flexibility. These systems are configured on-site during the installation process and come in 33 sizes for various applications.

Membrane Cable System

NuHeat membrane is a tile underlayment and uncoupling membrane. This can replace a second layer of underlayment and reduces risk of tile cracks. This system, in coordination with NuHeat’s cable system, is the best available integrated uncoupling, waterproofing, and floor heating solution.

Pictured: Mesh Kit

Mesh Kits

Mesh is an on-site adjustable “strip and roll” solution. This option from NuHeat is best for square or rectangular areas when on-site flexibility is needed. During installation, the mesh “roll” can be cut and angled to adhere directly to the subfloor. Mesh kits are available in 32 sizes so you can choose the size best for your project.

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