Mir Mosaic


Need a little inspiration for your next residential mosaic project?  Take a look at everything MIR has to offer here.


Take a look at the pre-finished photo gallery for some ideas of how these floors would look in your home.

MIR Mosaic

MIR Mosaic is a manufacturer of high quality mosaics of all material types, colors, styles, and patterns.  Their products range from classic and timeless to  modern and eclectic. MIR’s collections are each designed to create unique looks.  Their passion for innovation and design variety make us proud to offer MIR Mosaic products.

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Pictured: Jumanji Black Tropic Deco

Porcelain Collections

Porcelain mosaic and field tile is an area of expertise for MIR. Porcelain tile allows mosaics to be placed on walls as well as floors and holds up both residentially and commercially. MIR is special in that it offers such a variety of mosaic tile and provides incredible room scenes and imagery to help you realize your vision.

Pictured: Alfama Pickets Bahia

CERAMIC Collections

Ceramic options are best suited for residential wall tile, and MIR does not fall short on their ceramic product line. The best part of MIR’s collections is the diversity offered in colors, styles, patterns, textures, and shapes. Explore the extensive options in MIR ceramic tile below.

Pictured: Coastal Breeze Paper White Marble and Shell

NATURAL Collections

A grand collection of hand crafted marble mosaics beautifully suited to contemporary, mid-century and classic modern interiors. Combinations of finishes create drama or subtlety for any room design, with beauty and durability.

Pictured: Artistic Murals Code AP-923

ALMA Collections

The Alma collection includes mostly micro mosaics, made up of tiny pieces of material, typically with variance in material type, color, texture, or shape. These variables make it possible to create intricate and beautiful designs or even imagery within the tiles. If you’re searching for something truly special, MIR mosaics Alma collection is a perfect product line to survey.

Pictured: Majesty Sofia Calacata Gold

SKALINI Collections

MIR has created an innovative collection with a wide range of design patterns, applying traditional essences with sleek modern lines.

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