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Check out all of the great products Barwalt has to offer and let us know which tools you want for your next job.

Tile Cutters and Nippers

Barwalt tile nippers and cutting tools cut through the hardest surfaces, such as porcelain, with accuracy and ease. Choose from the finest tile cutters and nippers: Superior tile cutters, Ishii tile cutters, and Ultrabit nippers.

Knee Pads

Whatever you knee pad needs are, we’ve got you covered! We current have KN-1, Accordion Fold Top Knee Pads, Comfort Revolution Knee Pads, Barwalt, Alta, and Racatac Knee Pads.

Barwalt Tools

Barwalt Tools has been manufacturing innovative and quality tools for over 30 years.   We trust the reliability of these tools because we use them ourselves and know they work well.  Check out the catalog to see why Barwalt Tools has been a preferred partner for so many years.

Pictured: Barwalt Hollow Leave-In Tile Spacers - T spacers (orange) and + spacers (blue)

Spacer and Lippage

Barwalt Tools carries a range of tile spacers and tile leveling systems to help you do precise installs with minimal tile lippage. Ensure uniformly-spaced, lippage-free tile surfaces with Barwalt’s broad array of spacers and lippage-control tools and accessories

Pictured: MeasureRIGHT Pro 30"

Layout and Measuring

Eliminate guesswork, ensure precision and perfection with Barwalt’s sophisticated layout, measuring, leveling, and marking tools. Made from tough tempered, aircraft aluminum.

Pictured: Ultragrip 3/16 x 1/4 V Notched Trowel


Barwalt Tools carries a variety of tile trowels, tempered steel trowels, and notched spreading trowels with hardened, carbon steel blades and comfortable Durasoft handles for the DIY or professional tile setter.

Pictured: Barwalt Ultra Grouting System

Grouting Tools

Everything you need to mix, spread, clean and seal your grout. We have grouting system tools, grouting floats, and tile floats and mixers.

Pictured: DeWalt DW4762 - 10" Diamond Blade for Porcelain Tile (Wet)

Cutting Tools

Barwalt offers a large variety of tools to help cut, saw, scrape or drill even the hardest surfaces with ease and precision. They stock diamond blade cutting tools, heavy duty floor scrapers, and heavy duty diamond hole saws.

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