Apache Mills


Apache Mills product lines aren’t limited to commercial products, and offer a variety of quality residential mats as well. Door mats, kitchen mats, bath mats, kids mats and sports or specialty mats are all found here.

Apache Mills

Apache Mills is a preferred partner due to the innovation and creative design that they provide through their floor mats.  Not only do they incorporate recycled materials into their products, but they also manufacture them all right here in the USA.  Take a look at their collection to see the wide range of products they offer.

Pictured: Apache Ecomat Gatekeeper Hunter Green

Indoor Entrance Mats

With 16 styles and dozens of colors, Apache’s collection of indoor entrance mats offers versatility, durability, and subtle design quality. Many of these products offer coarse or rubber reinforced fibers which allow for scraping action and moisture retention to prevent dirt, dust, and water from tracking inside.

Outdoor Entrance Mats

If you’re in need of tough, weather-resistant, and easily maintained outdoor mats, look no further. Apache offers several variations of outdoor matting that withstand outdoor conditions with ease and offer hassle free cleaning as well as long-lasting quality.

Pictured: Supreme SlipTech black/yellow

Anti-Fatigue Dry Mats

Made from vinyl, foam, and/or rubber, the anti-fatigue dry mats from Apache are ideal in industrial and commercial settings with high traffic. Check out Apache’s plentiful options in anti-fatigue dry mats here.

Pictured: Safety TruTred black/orange

Anti-Fatigue Wet Mats

With 6 reliable designs and various color options, Apache’s anti-fatigue wet mats offer water repellant as well as anti-slip traction and wear resistance. These products are designed to last in high traffic areas and perform in any industrial environment.

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